Membership Process

Thank you for your interest in membership of the Sino Drug Discovery Association (SDDA). We welcome the active participation and membership of drug discovery scientists and other professionals who are mainly based in China and who show a keen interest in drug discovery, development, regulatory, or marketing of pharmaceutical products in China.

Why Join SDDA?

By becoming a member you will have the opportunity to take advantage of many benefits of membership, including free registration of any SDDA’s educational workshops and seminars, conferences, and social events. You will also have the privilege to submit abstract for consideration of presentation at SDDA meetings and the free access to career opportunities posted at SDDA conferences and website. These are just some of the benefits that are offered to you as a member. SDDA offers four categories of membership to support professional development and promotion of drug discovery and development activities in China.

Membership categories

SDDA offers three categories of individual membership to support member's professional advance and career development, and one category of corporate membership to promote drug discovery and development activities in China.

· Full Membership is open to professionals who work in drug discovery R&D or related areas in China. The full membership is entitled to all the benefits and participation of all the SDDA events. The individuals with full membership should have an experience of more than 3 years in conducting drug discovery R&D or related activities, or have made substantial contribution to the drug discovery R&D through administrative, commercial, educational, regulatory, scientific, or any related capacity. The candidate should be recommended by one full member of SDDA.

· Associate Membership is open to junior professionals who have been working in drug discovery R&D or a related capacity less than 3 years, including graduate students, medical students and postdoctoral fellows who are enrolled in educational or training programs that could lead to a career in drug discovery R&D or a related profession. They should be recommended by one full member. They confer all the benefits of membership except the voting right in annual SDDA meetings.

· Distinguished Membership is open to selective individuals who have made extraordinary contributions to the advancement of drug discovery R&D in China through outstanding scientific accomplishment or exceptional leadership in the industry. They are not restricted to professionals working in China. Annual membership due is waived for the distinguished members. The distinguished membership is by invitation only?

· Corporate Membership is open to institutes and commercial organizations that are committed to SDDA’s mission and vision, and are supportive to SDDA activities through annual payment of dues and other substantial contributions.

Responsibilities of Membership

Candidates applying for membership should be aware of the responsibilities of membership prior to submitting the membership application form.

· By becoming an SDDA member, candidates acknowledge that they will adhere to acceptable ethical scientific standards and have or will make long-term commitment and contribution to drug discovery R&D in China

Pay Annual Membership Dues (where applicable)

· Each fall SDDA will send to current SDDA Full, Associate and Corporate members an invoice for dues for the forthcoming year. Association By-Laws state that dues are payable for each year in advance by January 1 of the year to which they should be applied. The Board of Directors may terminate the membership of any member who do not pay the membership dues for two consecutive years.

Member transfers

Existing SDDA members who no longer meet the eligibility requirements for their current category of membership are encouraged to apply for a transfer to a more appropriate category.?

SDDA membership application

Applications for membership may be submitted at any time of year. You may submit the official SDDA Membership Application online. Please allow 3 months for application review and approval notification.

Please scan the QR code to submit SDDA Membership Application through Wechat: